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The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states. The national flag of the U.S.A. shows 50 stars on it referring to the 50 states. This website is dedicated with the US map images with states . These U.S. maps with states and cities help you learn about US and help you educate your kids about the United States. The states of United States are called as counties. In the U.S., any administrative or political subdivision of a state, with specific boundaries and a level of governmental authority, is called a county. The term "county" is used in 48 U.S. states, except Louisiana and Alaska.

Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. The states (Counties) of U.S. include Alabama, Alaska, Georgia Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, etc. Washington, D.C., was named after the first President of the United States George Washington. We are sure that our United States map counties will be useful for your education and learning.

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Here is the dedicated website for the US maps with states and cities. Maps make us more knowledgeable. These U.S. Maps guide us, help us understand the country of US. Our colourful and high definition US maps are so easy to understand and use for your educational, travel and other non-commercial uses. Among the maps, we have also provided some important and interesting information about the US and its states (counties).

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